Last year, AKWOS  has started a call to action within its rights holders in rural communities of Rwanda on building the capacity of girls/women in terms of waste management and recycling for Environmental protection and Climate Change as a key intervention to achieve AKWOS objectives of promoting awareness and education among Rwandan Women on their Social and Economic Rights .

Women and Girls from AKWOS women sport clubs in rural areas use the plastic bottles and recycle them into other materials like; jewels, bracelets and necklaces which they are now selling to gain money. 

Most of the time Plastic wastes are dumped openly or in rivers and sometimes burned, causing increased flooding, pollution and disease like malaria, cholera, respiratory infections, etc. Waste can be managed and if not taken care of /or recycled they can destroy and have a negative impact on the climate.

AKWOS started this action in order to support the implementation of the Rwandan government initiative with a bold vision to become a carbon-neutral and climate resilient nation by 2050. To achieve this, environmental protection must be a priority because there are a lot of choices Rwandan girls/women can make to move that a little bit closer to a sustainable lifestyle and environment protection by properly disposing of waste in order to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

 This will support a lot in the conservation of natural resources, the creation of green jobs, and the reduction of risks from hazardous materials affecting the health of Rwandans and the environment in general.