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Rwemarika Felicite win a Trophy

To Win a Trophy is the high light of my self.I m celebrating it on  behalf of women and girls across Africa who endured impossible odds to redifine themselves, those who have come to play sport when every one said it was a boys prevelage,on  behalf of grand mothers in Rural Africa who secretly smiled while their grand daughters play,a phenomenon they never dreamt of seeing in their generation and on  behalf of strong and resilient Rwanda Women who have risen from the horrors and ashes of dark genocide against the Tusti.

It is an incredible tool that ensures that no one is left behind as we increase the momentum for our rights that will lead to 40% of women in leadership positions. It is a representation of small steps taken one day at a time,it is a pat  on our backs ,a dress of honor that propels us to a future for girls and women exelling in the world of sports.
I m overwhelmed and exited.

My story is very unlikely story of a simple woman who dared to dream a dream of something that had never been done before and more so in a country that was struggling with the aftermath of genocide against the tusti,it is a story of thousands of women across the continent who have stood up and supported each other in spite of insurmountable  challenges.It is a dream come true that will speak to generation to come.


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