Conflict Management and Peacebuilding | News Article


The stakeholders’ meeting gathered 20 people from each District respectively Musanze and Rubavu to share with them the overview of the project for the past two years and present to them this year’s project in details with the sole purpose of collecting their contributions and recommendations on how best to conduct the project and make them understand what their role is for the project to have an impact.   

Objectives of this meeting are:

  • To share with stakeholders the past years overview of the project and 2020 project in details.
  • To collect stakeholders’ ideas on how best the project can be implemented
  • To harmonize stakeholders’ ideas in regards to the project goals


  • 5 village leaders,
  • 5 CNF at the village level,
  • 5 Headmasters,
  • 1 JADF
  • 1 in charge of Sports on District level,
  • 1 in charge of Education on District level,
  • 1 Youth leader on the District level,
  • 1 community mediation and conflict resolution committee member at the District level

General Observations:

Stakeholders were given time to ask questions, express their ideas and share different contributions they want to provide to AKWOS in order to achieve the project’s objectives. Stakeholders appreciated AKWOS’ initiative of bringing up such a good idea in their respective villages and expressed that it will change positively the society. They appreciated the joint of schools’ administration and village administration and pledged to work hand in hand to make a change. As this project use sports as a platform to disseminate the message, they were really moved by the idea because it is the most activity that gathers many people from different areas and age ranges.

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