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The community dialogue activity was ideally planned in a way that sectors will visit each other in terms of sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices through debates, but due to COVID-19 pandemic, it was sector based whereby peace clubs formed last year and this year gathered for learning and sharing experience, and reinforce their togetherness as two clubs which work within one sector.

Areas of activity: 10 villages from Musanze District (Nyamagumba, Busogo, Rugi, Nyagahondo, Kabara, Rukereza, Sangano, Ntamiziro, Rubara, Kabaya) and 10 villages from Rubavu District (Kitarimwa, Tagaza, Shwemu, Mahoko, Umucyo, Umunyinya, Bunyago, Kibaya, Nyamugali, Bazirete)

Objectives of this activity :

  • To engage youth and community members in dialogues which refresh their knowledge on the theme
  • To measure the knowledge of the community on the theme
  • To join previous peace club members and current ones for experience sharing
  • To facilitate current peace club members, learn from the previous ones
  • To bond sector-based peace clubs for the project to achieve its outcomes

Previous peace clubs pledged to work hand in hand with current peace clubs to keep sowing the seeds of peace in their respective communities and they also agreed to guide them in every step of the way for the project to keep making an impact.

AKWOS staff advised peace club members to support each other, to be the light of their communities and to involve those families who are no longer in conflicts in helping other families who are resisting to change. AKWOS staff reminded participants to respect all the measures put in place by the government to prevent COVID-19 while mobilizing the community and while visiting different households who live in conflicts.

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