Gender Mainstreaming through Prevention of Violence against Women (PVW | News Article


On 8th /03/2015 akwos in pattenship with the Rwanda National Olympic and sports commite sports event on the theme BREAK THE SCIENCE, AGANS SEXUAL ABUSE

The sports that was played were beach volley, bycle riding and mini football. Women were sensiblized to take a major role to fight sexual violet by reporting immediately who has tried to violet their rights.

They were also sensiblized on what is sexual violence and how to go about it we discourage women to be silent as the culture used to say that never mention assault that has take place at home as it the house secret which made women useable, traumatized lived in fear and has no hope for the future.

Women were encouraged by reminding that they have a lot of potential, great ideas but because they were not given a chance to speak all the ideas were hidden under the table .


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