News Article | Women’s Participation in Sports

Debate on women in sport moderated by Evely Watta,

Debate on women in sport moderated by Evely Watta, Vice President, International Sports Press Association & News Producer, Olympic Channel, Kenya.

While the World has taken great strides in the last 100 years to advance gender equality, it is critical to continue and expand upon this forward momentum to build a world characterised by universal equal rights for women and men. Promoting Gender equality in all industries, from business and politics to entertainment and sport, is hugely relevant in today’s World; however much remains to be done to ensure that women and girls are given an equal opportunity to succeed; provided with fair and equal pay; and protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse. This sessi9n discussed the challenges women in sport face, and explowed how sport can be used as a tool for emporing women and girls and for moving the needle towards hender parity.

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