Closing of the „Peacemakers “project pilot phase

With funding by the Peace & Sport Organization from Monaco, AKWOS has piloted the “Peacemakers” project in 4 schools in Kigali over the past year. The project is centered around a mobile App for sports teachers, which includes materials, different exercises, and tools to do sports lessons with their students where they also learn about peace building. AKWOS is now preparing to scale up the project with a visit by the team of “Peace & Sport” scheduled for this month of July 2022.

Starting in November 2021, 8 teachers were granted access to the mobile app and given a basic introduction on how to create and conduct their sports sessions with the app effectively. To officially launch the project, we gathered teachers and students from the four schools in Kigali city at G.S. Kimisagara for a kick-off event. Speeches were held and the students played football games against each other. Throughout the months, AKWOS continued to closely work with the teachers to solve challenges and increase their knowledge about the mentioned app.

With the “Peace & Sport” methodology, children learn peace values and how to put them into action whilst doing sports. Every exercise they do improves physical abilities and teaches about peace. It is a practical approach to peace education and peace building therefore very attractive for especially young children. With the application the teachers are guided through the progression of the program and have a large pool of exercises they can choose from at any stage of the learning progress.

AKWOS looks forward to welcoming the “Peace & Sport” team in the few days in middle of July. Workshops jointly organized by AKWOS and Peace&Sports for teachers will be conducted and a celebration of the “peacemakers” project together with students and the local community is planned. The pilot phase of the project was a success, now we are excited for the continuation.

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