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CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP – Peace building, Conflict resolution, gender equality, football and leadership & storytelling

Capacity building workshop, which took place in Musanze and Rubavu District, lasted 10 days. The main goal of this training was to train 10 village leaders, 10 CNFs, 24 Youth and 6 teachers, (50 people) who were chosen to represent their villages, on peace building, conflict resolution, gender equality, football and leadership & storytelling training. Participants were delegated by local authorities and were proved to be the ones who will mobilize many people in different communities as they are trusted to be self-driven, enthusiastic, determined and persistent in whatever they are assigned to. In the opening remarks JADF and the in charge of good governance on the District, level expressed that this training will make a great impact in participants daily work because even though they hold different leadership positions they never received any training on conflict management, peace building and leadership & storytelling, they also appreciated how AKWOS uses sports as a platform to convey all messages and reminded them to follow all measures put in place by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Objectives of this project are:

  • To equip participants with Peace building, Conflict resolution, gender equality, football and leadership & storytelling knowledge
  • To teach them different strategies and techniques to use to solve conflicts in their communities
  • To show them consequences of women and girls’ rights violation in the Rwandan society
  • To nurture them into AKWOS focal points into their respective villages

Participants were eager to unpack all the content that was reserved to them and even though the content was new to them, they had some pre-requisite knowledge on the theme and that made the learning process very interactive and participate. A lot was delivered to participants as the manuals entailed a lot of content, but some sensitive points were stressed on as the key messages or take-aways of the training. Those key messages are as follows:

  • In conflict resolution and peace building, the trainer put emphasis on origin of conflicts; types and order of conflicts; consequences of conflicts on an individual, in the family, in the community and on the country; signs which indicate conflicts in between people and oneself, different strategies and techniques to apply while solving conflicts.
  • In gender equality, the trainer stressed on the difference between gender as sex and equality as opportunities given to women so they can be in the same league as men; girls and women’s rights, GBV, consequences of gender equality misconception and interest of following gender equality in families and communities.
  • In leadership & Storytelling, the trainer accentuated on why leadership, types of leadership and different types of leaders, advantages of an effective leader and why women and girls should apply for different leadership positions as men do.

In football, the trainer pinpointed on the importance of sports on health and social-economic development, importance of sports/ football in solving conflicts and instilling peace, importance of a women/ girls practicing sports in the eye of the society, rules of playing football, and football components

The training was very instructive and lively for both participants and trainers and different methodologies as mentioned above were used to achieve the workshop objectives.

Participants appreciated AKWOS initiative of uplifting their knowledge on Peace building, Conflict resolution, gender equality, football and leadership & storytelling and pledged to raise awareness and do mobilization in their respective villages so to form peace clubs which will contribute into solving conflicts into different communities. They also requested AKWOS for soccer balls and matching T-shirts to use while organizing friendly matches or doing regular sports activities.

AKWOS assured them that they will get all those during the peace building events activity as they are already budgeted for.

To wind up, participants were awarded with certificates, which is tangible proof of what they learnt and their consistent attendance and participation.

Both Musanze and Rubavu Disctricts recognized AKWOS’ effort into building peaceful homes in their respective Districts as they explained that ever since AKWOS started implementing this project in those Districts the number of households which live in conflicts has reduced considerably; they demanded participants to apply what they learnt and reminded them to keep staying safe from COVID-19 pandemic.

AKWOS appreciated the Districts’ and participants’ cooperation all through this activity and engaged into doing this journey of community mobilization with them and agreed to provide all the support that will be needed for the project to reach its outcomes.

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